collage of TAMIYA decals

"Popcorn" (2006), decal on acrylic sheet

"Bahamut" (2007),  decal on acrylic sheet, private collection

Exhibition "Critical hit" at Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, 2007

Silkscreen prints
works for design

BEAMS T (2009)

FADER magazine record #4 (2008)


page from FADER magazine #44 (2007, US)

page from TWS Emerging Artist Support Program 2007


"降臨 / Calling" (2008), W: 100cm H: 80cm, marking film on enamel artificial leather

exhibition "cut and paste and" at Ardish (Tokyo), 2008

"Front"(2010) H: 100cm W: 80cm,  marking film on acrylic wooden board

exhibition "Oriental" at Takashi Somemiya Gallery (Tokyo) 2012

of the neige -style- 2012 AW collection

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